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Centre for Disruptive Photonic Technologies

is equipped with the latest nanofabrication and optical instrumentation organised into the following laboratories: the Nanofabrication Lab (a 100 m2, class 1000 clean room with electron and focused-ion beam lithography, metal and dielectric deposition, and microspectrophotometry), the Near-Field Lab (with apertureless SNOM, confocal and near-field microscopy), the Ultrafast Lab (with femtosecond spectroscopy), the Nanophotonics Lab (with fibre network analysis and laser spectroscopy), the Quantum Plasmonics Lab (with quantum optics and integrated photonic chip characterisation), the Microwave and THz Lab (with a microwave anechoic chamber and free-space THz spectroscopy), and the IR Nanophotonics Lab (with FTIR, ultrafast and photocurrent spectroscopy).