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Centre for Optical Fibre Technology

is a joint endeavour between DSO, A*Star and NTU which hosts state-of-the-art fabrication equipment for several kinds of optical fibres, ranging from standard silica fibres to a variety of advanced specialty fibres, microstructured fibres and novel glasses (e.g. chalcogenides). Key equipment includes a 8.5 m dual-side fibre drawing tower, a Modified Chemical Vapour Deposition (MCVD) fibre preform lathe hosted in 200 m2 of cleanroom space. The facility also includes 300 m2 of dedicated chemical preparation area for glass etching and machining, advanced fibre processing and characterisation systems, including Bragg grating engraving/cutting, fusion splicing, thermogravimetric and thermomechanical analysers, lithography and etching. Characterisation relies on spectrophotometry, high-frequency network analysis, SNOM and electro-optic microcharacterisation.