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TPI - LUX newsletter (ILLUMINATE)

This newsletter is jointly brought to you by The Photonics Institute (TPI) and LUX Photonics Consortium. This newsletter serves as a conduit of information reaching out to both the industry and academia members on what is happening in the local and international photonics arena.

Issue #12 ILLUMINATE Jun 2019  Download

Issue #11 ILLUMINATE Mar 2019   Download


Issue #10 ILLUMINATE Nov 2018Download



Issue #09 ILLUMINATE Sep 2018Download​​​​​​​​

Issue #08 ILLUMINATE Jun 2018Download​​​​​​​​

Issue #07 ILLUMINATE Mar 2018Download​​​​​​​​

Issue #06 ILLUMINATE Nov 2017Download​​​​​​​​

Issue #05 ILLUMINATE Jul 2017  Download​​​​​
Issue #04 ILLUMINATE Mar 2017 Download​​​​​

Issue #03 ILLUMINATE Nov 2016 Download​​​​​

Issue #02 ILLUMINATE Aug 2016 Download​​​​​​

Issue #01 ILLUMINATE May 2016 Download​​​​