The Photonics Institute seeks to establish a comprehensive and holistic programme comprising of the following aspects:
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  • A robust Management & Leadership Structure

-       Recognise excellence in the existing NTU photonics research centres and integrate them into The Photonics Institute

  • A Focus on Impact research climate

-         Motivate industry-driven search for disruptive solutions emerging from high risk-high return projects

  • An agile Adventure & Innovation Research Programme

-         Capture the latest developments in photonics and stimulate adventurous exploratory research with the potential of leveraging further funding and creating new industrial collaboration

  • An Advanced Research Fellowship Scheme

-       Relieve academic members of staff from teaching or administrative duties temporally and allow them to focus on research and commercialisation

  • A Technology Club with the industry

-         Accelerate commercialisation of Intellectual Property (IP)

  • A new Cohort of Photonics Professionals

-         Groomed for the Singaporean marketplace with top R&D experience and commercialisation skills

  • Strategic International Partnerships with renown research centres

-   Attract high-profile visitors to NTU to develop impactful international projects, facilitating rapid recognition of our excellence and impact

  • Commercialisation & Spin-outs

-      With the help of the Nanyang Innovation & Enterprise Office, our pool of industrial collaborators and support from the Singapore Economic Development Board