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Silicon Photonics Programme

The Silicon Photonics Programme focuses on the development of photonics devices and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) on a silicon (Si) platform. By leveraging the silicon micro and nano-fabrication technologies in the Nanyang NanoFabrication Centre (N2FC) in NTU, researchers and students under the programme are working on the development of CMOS compatible silicon photonic devices and ICs for high-speed optical communication and sensing. The ultimate goal of the programme is to enable large scale and high-density integration of optical functions in silicon wafers. Integration of III-V compound semiconductor photonic devices on the Si platform is also a key research area.

The four research thrusts are:

  1. Si/Ge materials & passive devices in the mid-IR range
  2. High performance mid-IR modulators
  3. III-V mid-IR laser &detectors on Si
  4. Mid-IR photonic circuits for communications & sensing